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2012-2013 Visual Arts 2

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Welcome to Visual Arts

*Be sure to check below for all your assignments. The calendar will have all the due dates.

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Title of Assignent Description of the Assignment Date Due
Zentangle Class Project

Today we started by talking about how easily line can be used to create basic emotions.  Students experimented with line and then engaged in their first project.


Assignment #1: Students have all been assigned a piece of a large zentangle project.  They each traced their lines from the board (shown below) and then started their work.  Students are to create an original zentangle that incorporates many different types of lines used in repeating patterns.  The pieces will all be put together to form a class-size zentangle similar to what is seen below.


-click the links below to see examples of zentangles





-more ideas





Monday, Nov. 19
Personal Portfolio 

Today we talked about the final project that students will be working on throughout the term.  This final project is worth 30% of their final grade and requires students to create a large collection of personal visual artwork.


Assignment: Students are to create a personal portfolio that consists of no less than 25 hours of personal artwork that has a consistent theme throughout.  They are to choose a theme that is personal to their interests and abilities in order to engage them in this project.  Students must first fill out a personal portfolio  proposal prior to starting their project.

Proposal due Tues. Nov. 20


Portfolio due Fri. Jan. 25 

Inner Shadows 

Art is a personal thing and as a community of artists it is always good to get to know each other.  In this assignment students are going to identify their personality in ther form of identifying what is important to them in their lives.   


Assignment: Students are going to learn to mix paints to create a monochrome radiating pattern (as a background).  Then they will trace a silhuette of themselves on the background filled with things important to them and their lives.


Fri. Nov. 30 
Line and Value 

Today we went through the steps of creating a horse head using line (contour) and value (cross-hatching).  


Assignment: Students are to complete the drawing of the horses head as done in class together.  Then they are to choose from the additional options provided in class.  Students are reminded that cross-hatching was a key component in this excercise as it is an example of line being used to create value and form. 


click the link (just click the picture) below to see a copy of the steps performed in class

Fri. Nov. 30 

Today students practiced using crosshatching and watercolour pencils to create a realistic lighting effect.  They observed a video about how to use watercolour pencils to paint an apple.


Assignment: Students are to create a watercolour painting of an apple.  To do this students may choose to paint along with the youtube video from our lesson or they may take on the real challenge and paint from an original source. 


Watch the video seen in class



Download the original assignment complete with all details you need to know.

Friday, Dec. 7 
One-point perspective 

Students were taught how to complete a one-point perspective by using vanishing points, orthogonal lines, and a horizon to create the illusion of 3-D.  We created a common piece together and then worked on our own pieces.


Assignment: Students are to create an original one-point perspectve using 11X17 paper.  They are to have a consistent horizen and vanishing point throughout and are to use orthogonal lines to create a convincing illusion of 3-D. 

Friday, Dec. 7 
Principles of Art 

Students studied the principles of art including balance, contrast, pattern/rhythm, size/proportion, emphasis, and  unity/harmony.  Students are expected to know and understand these terms and be able to use them in assessing various works of art.


Assignment: Students are to choose four pieces of art to assess using the principles of art.  They are to choose:


1) 1 piece of art created by themselves.

2) 1 piece of art that is part of popular media such as a poster, advertisement, movie still, clothing, album cover, etc.

3) 1 photograph

4) 1 landscape-style painting


For each piece students are to do a half-page (min.) write-up assessing the artistic merit of the piece by using the perspectives of art to help them evaluate the positive and negative qualities of the work.


click this link for a great web-page describing the principles of art.

Fri. Dec. 14 
8-bit Wonderland

Remember the good old days of 8-bit gaming?  That pixel-rific wonderland of Super Mario adventures was a golden age and today students are taking the modern age back to that level. 


Assignment: Students are to choose a picture of their choice (or create a pure original) and then pixelate it to the point of classic 8-bit.  To do this students may choose several methods:


1) They may take the picture and impose a grip on it in order to see how they could make the change to 8-bit.


2) They may take the picture, draw it onto a paper grid, and then colour in the squares one-at-a-time in order to create the 8-bit experience.


3) They can use Adobe Photoshop Elements to pixelate the picture and then transfer it to a paper grid.


Check out the powerpoint from today's lesson.

Tues. Jan. 8
Painting to Music

Today students are using watercolour and music to create original works.  We listened to various types of music and painted along to it.


Assignment: Students are to choose 5 songs of their own from a variety of sources.  They are to listen to their chosen music and paint using watercolour.  On the back of each piece they are to write the name of the song, the name of the artist, the type of music, and a short reflection of how the painting reflects the song.


Tues. Jan. 8
2-point perspective 

Today students are going to learn how to make a 2 point perspective by using not just one but two vanishing points.  We created a two-point perspective piece together as a class to ensure that all students were solid on the concept.  


Assignment: Students are to create a perspective art piece that encorporates the use of more than  one vanishing point.  Students are highly encouraged to take on the 3-point perspective challenge in order to "stretch their wings" as an artist.

Tues. Jan. 8 
Personal Porfolio Update 

Students have been working on their personal portfolios for almost 4 weeks now and should be approaching 12 hours of completed work.  It is important to ensure that students are keeping on top of their assignments including their personal portfolio.  On Tues. Dec. 18 students will submit their work so far along with a calendar showing their work times, a completed journal listing each piece they have completed so far, and a self-assessment rubric showing what mark they feel they deserve at this time.


Assignment: Students are reminded that this assessment will be heavily considered when the final assessment of their portfolio occurs on Jan. 25.


Click the links below for copies of the handouts received in class today.

personal portfolio assessment (how you will score on Dec. 18) 

personal portfolio rubric (how you will score on Jan. 25)

personal portfolio journal (how to keep track of what is in your portfolio)

Calendar (for keeping track of your hours)

Tues. Dec.  18

Visual Arts Term 1






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