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2012-2013 visual arts term 1

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Welcome to Visual Arts

*Be sure to check below for all your assignments. The calendar will have all the due dates.

...just click on the links and your on your way!

Welcome to Visual Arts

*Be sure to check below for all your assignments. The calendar will have all the due dates.

...just click on the links and your on your way!


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Title of Assignent  Description of the Assignment  Date Assigned 
Multi-genre Sculpture Representation

Today we are having some introductions to the visual arts classroom.  Please observe the following documents so you are aware of all the expectations of this class:

12.09.05 visual arts syllabus.docx

assessment rubric.docx

12.09.05 personal portfolio rubric.doc

12.09.05 The Visual Arts Elective Form.doc


Assignment#1: Today we took some self-hardening clay and began to form a personal creation.  Students were given access to all sorts of different forms of art supplies ranging from pencils, to paints, to papers, to pastels and more.  Students are to create an complete a personal clay creation, take a photo-shoot of their creation, and then choose 4 photos to represent using different mediums of art.


Students are reminded that the purpose of all art projects is personal effort, engagement, and challenge. 


Remember: Effort and integrity are the keys to success in visual arts.


Wednesday, Sept. 5

Today we studied how line can be used to express emotion, depth, and various effects.  We experimented with how there are many different types of line, and how lines can be used to create mood. 


We also observed zentangles.  Zentangles are made by using line and pattern. Students observe examples and created their own.


Assignment #2: Students were asked to create their own zentangle using their new-found knowledge of line, and pattern.


-click the links below to see examples of zentangles





-more ideas


Friday, Sept. 7 
Value Chart 

Value and Shading

Often visual arts include a third dimension within them, that is, the illusion of 3 dimensions imposed on a 2-dimensional surface. Today we will observe how value is imposed within Visual Art to create the illusion of third Dimension.


Students are to experiment with pencil and charcoal to create different values.

Assignment #3: Students are to create a value chart with 10 distinct values ranging from complete white to total black.


Wed., Sept. 12 
Angle and Proportion 

Today we discussed angle and proportion and practiced our skills using objects from around the room.  


Assignment #4: students are to choose 3 objects at random with at least one of them having a stratight edge and one of them having a soft or curved edge.  They are to arrange theses objects on a table using a light source and then perform some sketches. 

Friday, Sept. 14 
Complete the Picture 

Today students were assigned to find a picture that is black and white that will be a challenge to finish.  Students are to cut out half the picture and complete the missing half using their skills at shading and form.


Assignment #5: Students are to find the picture of their choice and complete the second half.  See the link to the assignment below.

12.09.18 assignment - form - complete second half.docx  

Tues. Sept. 18 
Human Proportion 

We talked about the proportions of the human body.  Many people struggle to get proper proportion causing their drawing to look "out of whack".  Today we made some charts of human proportion and students worked on creating original drawings of people in perfect proportion.


Assignment #6: Students are to create an original drawing of a person (no copying from someone elses artwork) that is in perfect proportion.  Students are to attach this original drawing to the two charts created in class for comparison.


click the link below to see the powerpoint observed in class

12.09.24 - drawing human proportion.pptx

Mon. Sept. 24 
Human Form 

today we discussed how to use very basic shapes to start drawings of the human form.  This type of exercise can not only help students to master capturing the still motion but also the stopped movement of the human form.  We sketched a few forms together to get some intitial practice.


Assignment #7: Students are to create 20 basic sketches of the human form using the techniques practiced in class.  They are to label them by number, in order, so that a progression can be seen when they are assessed.

click the link below to view the powerpoint observed in class.

12.09.25 Human form.pptx

Tues. Sept. 25 
Charcoal Forms 

Today we sketched basic shapes and forms using charcoal.

Assignment #8: Students are to choose 3 out of the 4 forms present.  They need to create 3 (one-page size) sketches of forms using charcoal.


Thurs. Oct. 4
Facial Forms 

Today we started practicing our abilities for sketching facial features such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.  Once we have mastered these skills we will be ready for the major assignment...Julius Caesar!


Assignment: Students are to create a small collection of facial features including:






*A "small collection" could include several options: it could be two incredible drawings of each feature.  It could be several drawings of each feature creating a small collection that shows improved results.  All together it will make a mini-portfolio of features that show the artists intent to improve in their skills 

Click on the links below for instructional videos on drawing facial features.












Tues. Oct. 9 
Yearbook Zentangle Cover 

The yearbook committee has asked our art class to design them covers for the yearbook using zentangles.  Students unanymously voted to make the year-book cover an official assignment.


Assignment #10: Students are to design a year-book cover using zentangle.  The zentagle must be on 11X17 paper, be full colour, and include elements of school subjects ranging from sports, to music, to Math, English, and more. 


This assignment must be complete before Oct. 30

Thurs. Oct. 9 
Julius Caesar 

 Students are going to be drawing our sculpture of Julius Caesar. In order to train for this event we have been working on various exercises.


1) We worked on getting our angles perfect by drawing various compositions of objects with juxtaposed angels. These objects included boxes, easles, and various items from around the classroom.


2) We worked on the basic proportions and elements of drawing a human face. Students were drawing alongside a video we watched in class.

*click the link below to watch the video from class.



3) Assignment: Students are to create a masterwork sketch of Julius Caesar.  To do this they should start with basic lines of angle and proportion.  Then move onto angles and proportion lines.  And finally, the shading.


Note: This assignment generally takes between 5-7 hours of work.  THIS IS A MAJOR ASSIGNMENT!

Term end on Nov. 8 
Glass Fusion 

Students are going to be doing projects involving fused glass. To do this students must first complete 2 assignments to prepare for the project.


1) Student must complete the creation of some basic shapes to show that they are capable of using the tools well. Students must create a sample of a square, an equilateral triangle, a half-circle, and a quarter circle crescent. Once these are completed satisfactorily students will be able to move onto step #2


2) Students must create a rough draft for their glass piece. The rough draft will be made out of paper using cutting boards and exacto knives for stencil cutting. The rough copy must be the actual size of the finished project. The finished glass projects will be either a 12X12 cm square or a shape of similar size.


3) Students will have access to all the existing glass supplies and begin work on their glass project.

Tutorials on Glass Fusion


 Term end on Nov. 8


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