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2011 - 2012 visual arts Term 2

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Welcome to Visual Arts

*Be sure to check below for all your assignments.  The calendar will have all the due dates.

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 Activities and Assignment 

Clay Creations Represented in 4 Genres


Students were asked to create a clay work of their choice.  They were encouraged to challenge themselves to create an item that surpassed their previous experiences.  Once the clay item was complete the students were to take photos of the item.  They were to choose 4 photos to represent using various mediums and art forms.  Students were once more encouraged to take personal risks (using materials and methods that were not previously mastered by the individual.

Line Animals


Students have been looking at various uses of line.  Students are to take an existing photograph of a live animal to recreate for this assignment.  Students are asked to find the implied lines of the animals as imposed by their markings, the lighting, their body parts, and any other items that may affect implied line.  Once this outside contour is finished students are to fill in the shapes they have found by using various methods of line.  Students are highly encouraged to use as many different types of line and design as possible to make a creative, innovative, design-based animal.


Proposal for Personal Portfolio


Students wereasked to create a proposal for their personal portfolio.  This is a proposal outlining the major project the student is proposing to have within their personal portfolio (which is considered a final project in this course).  Students may create either a large masterpiece project or a themed portfolio based on the subject of their choice.


click the link below to download a copy of the proposal.

11.11.14 Personal Portfolio Project Proposal.doc

Value-Based Shapes


Students are studying how value can be applied to an drawing to create the illusion of depth and form.  Students are to recreate the image of at lest 4 different shapes and create value-based shapes using pencil, paper, eraser, and blending stomp.


The Elements of Art


Students are asked to create a presentation of "The Elements of Art"  To do this students may wish to create a gallery walk, a visual and verbal presentation, a powerpoint, a video, or any other medium that they feel would adequately represent the elements of art and teach them to the average person. 


Students are highly encouraged to use personally created pieces of art to use in this project to represent the elements, however, they may wish to use "ready-made" works.  If they choose to use non-personal pieces then they are expected to have an extensive project.


Student may wish to use the materials below as a starting point for their research.

-Assignment Research Material:

11.09.07 elements of art assignment.docx

-Powerpoint presentations:

11.09.07 Elements and Principles of Art.pptx

11.09.07 Elements and Principles of Art 2.pptx

-online videos:




click the link below to view the rubric for this project (how it will be assessed)

11.12.13 Elements of Art Rubric.doc

"Art Works" Textbook Cover


Students are asked to create a cover for a book.  "Art Works" is a Visual Arts textbook that is asking students to design new covers for their texbooks in the upcoming year.  Any and all genres of art are accepted.  Students are encouraged to create an inspiring original piece to be featured on the cover and then integrate it into a texbook cover format to submit for the cover contest.  This assignment will be assessed by the likelihood of success in the contest, aka, the students need to bring a professional effort, apply elements of design, and create a crisp piece for submission. 


click the link below to visit the website of "Art Works"



click the link below to see the contest flyer 

11.11.11 art works contest.pdf


Poster Design and Creation


Students are going to put their design talents to work to create an event poster.  Although students are encouraged to make a poster in connection to the upcoming school dance they are open to create a poster for any event of their choice.  Many students are electing to make a poster for an imaginary event.  Students are reminded that certain elements are looked for in an event poster...


-All information that is important to the event must be present

-The most important information should be larger than less important information

-The poster should have a graphic that takes up at least 30% of the poster in order to get the attention of the audience.

-The poster should use space wisely; use up the space available but don't make a "cluttered" poster.

-The artist should play with different fonts, colours, design elements in order to create an engaging piece that does the trick.




Principles of Art


Students have been studying the elements of art and will be doing presentations to present the elements of art.  In this project students are going to engage in the principles of art.


In order to learn about the principles of art students are strongly recommended to observe the following materials


Series from arguing art.com about some of the Principles of Art

Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJeou5gtYhA&feature=related

Unity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZJyh4fuycQ&feature=related

Variety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaCOAookJ6o&feature=related

Balance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kwuwdwuTKE&feature=related

Emphasis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWdbMAUuWFY


Movement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jgms23hjwU&feature=related

Rhythm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGkuW67im3c&feature=related


Definitions are included here: 11.12.12 Principles and Elements of Design definitions.doc


Assignment: Students are to make a mini-portfolio of 5 original pieces.  They must utilize at least 3 different mediums for these pieces.  For each piece they must discuss the strengths and weaknesses of it using the vocabulary of the Principles of Visual Art.  Students are reminded that this is considered a major project.


Faces and Training for Julius Caesar


Students are going to be drawing our sculpture of Julius Caesar.  In order to train for this event we have been working on various exercises.


1) We worked on getting our angles perfect by drawing various compositions of objects with juxtaposed angels.  These objects included boxes, easles, and various items from around the classroom. 


2) We worked on the basic proportions and elements of drawing a human face.  Students were drawing alongside a video we watched in class.

*click the link below to watch the video from class.



3) We took a 2-dimensional picture of Julius and used it to perfect the angles of his facial features.  This will help us to gain the necessary angles and shading for the final project which we will begin next week and complete in January.

*This is the picture we used.

Positive and Negative Space Stencil


Students are preparing to create fused glass projects in the coming new year.  To train for this we are first going to study positive and negative space.  As well, students are going to practice using tools to create stencil cuts to prepare for the use of general shapes for larger pieces of art.


Positive and Negative space

What Is Positive And Negative Space? Positive space is the main object, negative space is the objects around it, or the background.


Assignment; Students are to create a piece of art that reflects positive and negative space.  This project will have two sides.  On one the positive space will be light coloured and on the other the inverse will be shown.  For an example see the pictures below.  Students are encouraged to do one of the following methods: 


1) They may make an original design for their stencil cut

2) They may use digital camera to take a picture and then edit using Photoshop Elements to create a stamp cut stencil

3) They may use online resources to find an appropriate picture to make a silhouette from, or an existing silhouette to use as a stencil to cut from.


Some Videos watched in class:

some examples - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrB9y_5hKYw&feature=related

some discussion about space - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Wx8vDsXuI

Creation and use of stencils - http://www.ehow.com/video_4946276_making-novice-airbrush-stencil.html




Glass Fusion


Students are going to be doing projects involving fused glass.  To do this students must first complete 2 assignments to prepare for the project.

1) Student must complete the creation of some basic shapes to show that they are capable of using the tools well.  Students must create a sample of a square, an equilateral triangle, a half-circle, and a quarter circle crescent.  Once these are completed satisfactorily students will be able to move onto step #2

2) Students must create a rough draft for their glass piece.  The rough draft will be made out of paper using cutting boards and exacto knives for stencil cutting.  The rough copy must be the actual size of the finished project.  The finished glass projects will be either a 12X12 cm square or a shape of similar size.

3) Students will have access to all the existing glass supplies and begin work on their glass project.

Tutorials on Glass Fusion



Principles of Art


Students are going to be making a mini portfolio for their "Principles of Art" project.  Their portfolio will have 3 parts. 

1) 3 pieces of their own creation (any medium or style is allowed)

2) 3 pieces of other artists (once again any medium or style is allowed)

3) 3 photos taken by the student


Students will compile all their pieces into a digital mini-portfolio via powerpoint.  For each piece included students will create a minimum 150 word evaluation using the vocabulary of the principles of art.


click the link below for a copy of the assignmet

12.01.13 Principles of Art Assignment.doc

click the link below for a brief definition of all the principles and elements of art

11.12.12 Principles and Elements of Design definitions.doc

Simple Rules of Photography







Click here to view your 30 Boxes calendar

*Do you need some extra ideas for personal art projects?  Visit the links to the Visual Arts Wiki from 2011-2011.

-term 1 Visual Arts Wiki 2011-2012

-term I Visual Arts Wiki

-term II Visual Arts Wiki

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