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20120-2011English 1

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Welcome to English

 (semester 2, 2010-2011)  


*Be sure to check below for all your assignments.  The calendar will have all the due dates.

...just click on the links and your on your way!



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Are you stressed about the work you missed last term?  No worries, just click the picture below to go to the old wiki where all your previous assignments are waiting for your completion...



*Below is a list of most assignments we have had in English this year.

     -Just click on the link and you will have a copy of the assignment or you may even watch some of the videos I have shown you in class.

*If you cannot open a link or if the assignment you are looking for is not in this list then please ask for help and I will provide you a copy.

*You can ask for help anytime during school hours or contact me at jewert@esd.mb.ca if you have any question.

*If you have any trouble watching any of the videos try VLC media player.



Lesson Materials
Activities and Assignment 
Due Date
I Am David Ch. 7-8  questions copy of the questions, pen, paper, insight into the topic 

Students have been responding to the novel "I Am David by Ann Holm.  I remind students that the questions require insight into the novel and a proper paragraph format including all detail necessary for a complete answer.


Click the link to the previous semester for a copy of the questions.

semester one English wiki

See the calendar of events below. 
I Am David Final Questions (post novel)  copy of the questions, pen, paper, insight into the topic  

Students are asked to think deeply about the lessons David has learned throughout the novel to respond to the following questions.  


click the link below for a copy of the final questions.

11.01.06 I Am David ch final questions.docx  

See the calendar of events below.  
Compare and contrast essay preparation  copy of the notes, highlighter, attentive listening skills in class. 

Students will be watching the movie "I Am David" and then follow up with a final essay performing a Compare and Contrast  between the novel and the movie.  Each have their own focus and take on events.  Students are asked to survey and highlight the notes below to help them form understanding of the essay structure they will be using for this assignment.


Click the link below for a copy of the notes.

How to Write a Compare and contrast essay.doc  

See the calendar of events below.   
Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizers copy of organizers, pen, paper, an idea of topic for your essay.

Sopme student have trouble organizing their thoughts into a larger project such as an essay.  Students are asked to survey the follwoing organizers in order to make a decision about how to organize their essay for "I Am David"


click the link below for copies of the possible graphic organizers to use.

11.02.15 compare and contrast visual organizer.pdf

compare and contrast Practice Essay -Graphic organizer choice, pen, paper, computer (optional), a topic to compare.

-Students are preparing to write a major compare and contrast essay. To help them in their preparation students are assigned to complete a practice compare and contrast essay.


-Students' compare and contrast practice essay must include...

1) A clearly defined topic of two items, events, people, or concepts that the student has chosen to compare and contrast (the student chooses the topic) 

2) An outline that is either...

         -a linear point-form outline showing the intended structure of the essay and some sparse details of the intended content.

         -a graphic organizer outline that shows the similarities and differences of the topic the student has chosen to compare and contrast.

3) A complete practice essay including proper structure, topic, stated points, and all other considerations that make a strong essay (students may wish to refer to the previous notes from class)


-How long does it need to be? At least a page but, bottom line, it needs to be long enough to clearly compare and contrast the subject matter and still maintain a solid c to c structure.


-click the link below for a copy of the assessment rubric for this assignment

11.02.24 rubric c+c essay.docx

See the calendar of events below.   
News Articles #1 -copy of article and handout, and the usual supplies

-Students are to read the provided artcile and reflect by identifying the elements of the article and sharing a personal reflection.


-Students are asked to complete the worksheet.  One the attached page they are to summarize the article and also share a personal opinion on the content of the article.


-Click the link below for copy of the article.



-click the link below for a copy of the assessment rubric for this assignment

11.02.24 rubric - article analysis.doc

Compare and Contrast Essay Help -copy of the notes and a highlighter

-Students are preparing to write an essay comparing the book and the movie of "I Am David".  To assist with this we went over some simple notes on the basic outline models popular for a compare and contrast essay.


-Click the link below for a copy of the notes we observed in class.

11.02.28 c + c essay basic outlines.doc



-We also observed some similar notes online and how they tied into a great example of a compare and contrast essay.


-click the link below to observe the site we used.


Compare and Contrast "I Am David" official essay assignment -copy of assignment, copy of the book, pen, paper, computer

-Students are going to write their second formal essay of the year by writing a compare and contrast of "I Am David" (the movie) and "I Am David" (the book).  Students are to closely observe the assignment criteria outlined below.


-click the link below for a copy of the assignment.

11.03.01 Compare and Contrast Essay assignment.doc

11.03.01 rubric c + c final essay.docx

Summarizing the tabloids -tabloids handouts from class, paper, pen

Students recently completed an assignment based on a Weekly World News tabloid article.  In this follow-up lesson students will summarize several tabloid articles.


-Students will survey one article together as a class.  The task is to identify all the 5w's (who,what,where,when,why, and...How).  Then, students are to complete a brief summary that includes all the important information they have identified.


-Once students are finished with the whole-class article they are to choose one of three remaining articles and create a summary of the article of their choice from the remaining 3 provided.


-click the links below for copies of the articles

11.01.24 tabloid cletus base.docx

11.01.24 tabloid - alien yearbook.docx

11.01.24 tabloid michael jackson on moon.docx

11.01.24 tabloid - tuna boy.docx


-click the link below for a copy of the rubic that will be used to mark this assignment

11.03.02 rubric - article summary.doc  

friday, Mar. 4
Write you own tabloid Computer access, creativity

Students have been practicing the art of summary lately.  They have been summarizing tabloids for important "facts".  Students are now challenged to put their crfeative powers to work to write their own tabloid.


Click the link below for a copy of the assignments including the assessment rubric

11.03.08 Write Your Own Tabloid.docx

"Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus" -copy of story, copy of assignment, pen

-Students are asked to read the story "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus" by Tim Wynne-Jones on pages 44-53 of Sightlines.  They are to answer questions 1,2, and 4.


-click the link below for a copy of the assignment

11.03.11 Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus.doc

-click the link below for a copy of the story

11.03.11 kerdydickussty.pdf

Movie/Play review -handout in class, pen, paper, viewing of the play "Dracula" at GHS on Wed.

-Students are going to Gimli High School on Wed. Mar. 16 to view a production of "Dracula".

-Students are beginning a study of writing movie reviews.  Students are assigned to create a Play review of "Dracula"


-Click the link below for a copy of the unit materials and the assignment including the assessment rubric.

11.03.15 movie review project.docx


Novel Study - The Outsiders - Chapter 1 -copy of "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton, handouts from class, paper, pen.

-Students are starting their final class novel study of the year.  We will be studying "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. 


-We started by discussing what "Gangs" and "Cliques" are.  Students wrote a brief reflection on the what these terms mean to them. 


-Students will be asked to complete related writing assignments and answer questions for each chapter of the book as we read it in class.


-click the links below for the first assignments related to "The Outsiders"

11.04.03 outsiders - ch. 1 questions.doc

11.04.03 outsiders ch. 1-3 notes.doc

The Hero's Journey - A literary structure -handout notes, highlighter, attentiveness and discussion.

-Students are about to embark on the hero's journey in literative sense.  They are going to learn of the hero's journey narrative format and identify some examples within popular media.


-Student observed notes on the hero's journey in class.  We highlighted together for study.


-Click the link below for a copy of the notes on the hero's journey.

hero's journey notes.doc

The Outsiders ch. 2-3 -handout of questions, paper, pen, copy of the novel

-Students are asked to complete two sets of questions on ch. 2 and 3 of the book "The Outsiders"


-Click the link below for copies of the questions for the first 3 chapters.

11.04.03 outsiders ch. 1-3 notes.doc

11.04.03 outsiders - ch. 1 questions.doc

11.04.13 outsiders - ch. 2 questions.docx

11.04.14 outsiders - ch. 3 questions.docx


Hero's Journey revisit -in-class activities, film, paper, pen

-We reviewed the hero's journey in class and began to watch a movie that uses the classic "hero's journey" story structure.  Students are to take notes on how the hero's journey is utilized and reflect them in a later assignment.


The Outsiders ch. 4-6 -the usual items associated with these tasks

-We read ch. 4-6 in class together and students are asked to complete the questions that go along with these chapters.


Click the links below for copies of the questions handed out in class.

11.04.18 outsiders - ch. 4 questions a.docx

11.04.18 outsiders - ch. 5 questions a.docx

11.04.18 outsiders - ch. 6 questions a.docx

11.04.03 outsiders - ch. 5-6 questions.doc

Hero's journey writing assignment -handout of the assignment, paper, pen, a selected movie to write about.

-Students have been learning about, discussing, and observing the hero's journey in English class.  They are asked to complete a paper reflecting on how the hero's journey is represented in a major motion picture.  Students may either choose an existing major motion picture that has been observed in class or may choose a separate movie of their own choosing which they believe represents the hero's journey. This is considered a major assignment similar to our past essays in this course.


-click the link below for a copy of the assignment including the rubric that will be used to assess the students' work.

The Hero's journey writing assignment.doc

The Outsiders ch. 7 questions -copy of the questions, paper, pen, novel

-Students are to complete reading ch. 7-8 of "The Outsiders" and answer the questions for the chapter.


Click the link below for a copy of the questions

11.04.03 outsiders - ch. 7 questions b.docx

11.05.17 outsiders ch 8.doc

Personal Novel Study
-notes, assignment, personal novel

-Students are engaging in their final assignments for the year.  Their final large project is a personal novel study on a novel of their choice.  What will the assignment look like? Students will...

-click the link below for a copy of the assignment

Elements for the personal novel study.doc


-identify the main character, create char. sketches, and note the developing points of the main character throughout the novel


-document the structure of the story complete with example of where the main events of the novel fit into the overall structure


-create chapter summaries for each ch. documenting the events


-identify the setting, main plot, sub-plots and possible themes of


-a vocabulary section where students keep words that are new to them and find definitions to grow in their personal vocabulary

-a short presentation to the class outlining the main points of the novel


Links to help with personal novel study -the internet

-Here are some helpful links for your personal novel study.  These are a good start if you are struggling to understand certain concepts.






Work periods begin  

Today we had a work period on our final assignments.  Students signed up to show where they are in the projects they chose to work on today.

the outsiders final questions -copy the questions during class, paper, pen, novel

Students are wrapping up their novel study of "The Outsiders".  Students are asked to complete the final set of questions for the novel dealing with ch. 9-11 and ch 12. 


-click the link below for a copy of the questions.

11.06.03 ch9-12 questions.doc

Resume and cover letter -computer access with Microsoft Word

-Students are creating example resume's and cover letters.  They are using Microsoft Word to create these documents.


-click the link below for a copy of the assignment and assessment rubric

11.06.06 Resume and Cover Letter Assignment.doc


Universal editing of digital documents. -internet access


-Googledocs are being used across the planet for people to commonly edit digital files.  Students are assigned to participate in a googledoc to document their progress on their current English projects. 


-Students are assigned to click the link and fill in their information relating the dates they have completed the stages of their assignments.  This will be considered "editing a common digital document" in their Print Communications half course.

-Click the link below to access the google document and upload your information.




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