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2010-2011 Visual Arts

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Welcome to Visual Arts


*Be sure to check below for all your assignments.  The calendar will have all the due dates.

...just click on the links and your on your way!



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*Below is a list of most assignments we have had in English this year.

     -Just click on the link and you will have a copy of the assignment or you may even watch some of the videos I have shown you in class.

*If you cannot open a link or if the assignment you are looking for is not in this list then please ask for help and I will provide you a copy.

*You can ask for help anytime during school hours or contact me at jewert@esd.mb.ca if you have any question.

*If you have any trouble watching any of the videos try VLC media player.


Lesson Materials
Activities and Assignment 
Due Date
Welcome to Visual Arts  -Creativity and the no limits 

Observe all of your assignments as in this table.  As new assignments become available you will be able to read about them and access the options within this table.  If you wish to have more options than you see here then fill out the form in the link below and propose your own assignment to Mr. E.

-click the link below for a copy of the syllabus for this course.

10.11.15 syllabus.doc

-click the link below for a copy of the elective assignment request form.

10.11.15 The Visual Arts Elective Form.doc  

 -In class
Intro to elements of art -powerpoint and observation skills

-We observed a powerpoint on the basic elements of art.  Students are asked to create a visual portfolio illustrating the elements of art.  There are many ways this could be completed.  Students may wish to review the powerpoints below, discuss with each other, use the internet, or ask Mr. E for help with this.

-click the link below to observe the powerpoints from class. 

Elements and Principles of Art 2.pptx

Elements and Principles of Art.pptx

-click the links below to watch the videos from class.



-In Class
Line -

-We discussed how lines are used in art.

-click the links below to view the video we watched for line



-Student engaged in practicing how line can be used in many different ways by experimenting on paper.

zentangles -knowledge of line, paper, pen

-We observed how zentangles are made by using line and pattern.  Students observe examples and created their own.

-Assignment #1: Students were asked to create their own zentangle using their new-found knowledge of line, and pattern.


-click the links below to see examples of zentangles 





-more ideas


Journal Poster - Line -Internet Resource, large poster paper.

-We have been discussing the elements of Art.  Today the students began creating posters illustrating the concept of line (an element of art).  Students are encouraged to include factual information in writing, an example of a picture that uses line (including an explanation of how it is being used), and a personal visual exmaple.

-Assignment #2 - Create a poster describing line - an element of art.  This poster should be on large paper and include a description of line, examples of line being used (with reflection of that use of line), and a personal example of line.

Friday, Nov. 26
Contour - both blind and with eyesight. -paper, pencil, items to draw, mirror, magazines

-We discussed how contour is how lines are used to create outlining shape of objects.  Students practiced both seeing and blind contour by practicing on various pictured objects onto paper.


-Assignment #3 - Personal Contour - Students are to create a blind contour of themselves on poster paper.   This contour will be outlined with thick black line.  Magazines are used to fill the background representing the subjects favourite colour.  Then the student uses magazine letters to quote 1-2 lines of lyrics or poetry of their choice that they feel accurately reflects something of their character.


-Click on the link below for a powerpoint describing this assignment.

10.11.18 Personal Blind Contour Assignment.pptx

Thur., Dec. 2 
Contour with value -paper, lighted still-life objects, pencil, charcoal

-We observed several tables of items lit with lamps. 

Assignment #4: Students were to create 3 11X17 pieces (one for each table).  On each table the student is to choose 3 items to draw using pencil only for the outlining contour of the object and then using the charcoal for all inside varying values of the objects. 

Thurs., Dec. 2
-Value re-creation (landscape) -sample value photography of a landscape

-We discussed how value can be used for dramatic affect.  

Assingment #5: Students printed off sample pictures of black and white landscapes from the internet.  They are to recreate half of the picture using pencils, charcoals, or other options.  A great artist will attempt to make something original in the re-created piece. 

-click the link below for a powerpoint of this assignment.

10.11.26 Value Landscapes.ppt

Fri., Dec. 10
-You've been hired to design a cd cover -an existing album, paper, and many other materials.

-We discussed how album art is used to reflect the sound of the music and the subject matter o fthe songs.  

-Assignment #6– Students are to create an original cd cover based on an existing album.  The band has hired them to create a new album cover (front and back) that is inspired by the album.  Students are encouraged to engage in this project by using visual arts materials they have not yet used in previous projects.  Some options may include pastels, watercolour pencils, charcoal with water colour, and almost anything students may come up with.  Creativity will be rewarded.


Value Journal Poster -Similar materials as our line posters

-We have observed how value is used in visual arts to create mood, atmosphere, and depth.  

-Assignment #7 - Students are to create a poster illustrating value, the element of art.  Students are encouraged to explain the concept, show examples, and use existing examples discussing the use of value.

-click the link below for a powerpoint on value


-Fri., Dec. 10 
Kieth Haring -In-class viewing and discussion (and physical supplies)

-Students are discussing the artwork of Kieth Haring; a famous 20th century grafitti artist.    

-Click the youtube link below to watch the documentary on Kieth Haring

Part 1 - 


Part 2 -



-click the link below to see the powerpoint observed in class.

10.12.17 keith Haring.pptx 


-click the link below to access Kieth Harings personal website.


Who is ___________? (assignment) -Research, ingenuity, a modern artist in mind. 

-Modern/contemporary art is all around us.  It reflects the thoughts and feelings of the world and help us to understand ourselves and the world around us (sort of sounds like all forms of art doesn't it?).

-Assignment #8 - Students are asked to respond to the question "Who is ________________?".  Students are to choose a modern/contemporary artist (20th centure forward) to present (or represent).  How can this be done you ask?  There are many ways.  Some suggestions may include...


=>Create a poster presentation describing the life of the artist, the art they created, the impact of that art, etc. etc.


=>Recreate origninal pieces of the chosen artist pointing out the common elements that the artist focused upon.  Be sure to include a write up about the artist themselves.


=>A verbal presentation to the class outlining the life, work, etc. of the artist.  (Be sure to include a large visual component)


=>A powerpoint presentation that speaks for itself including any and all possible forms of media that will adequately illustrate the life and work of the chosen artist.


=>A short video project highlighting all important aspects of the chosen artist.


=>...and many more options that only need to be suggested to be considered.





-You can choose any visual artist from the 20th century forward.  This includes pop artists, grafitti artists, t-shirt artists, comic book artists, post-modern artists, etc.


-Some initial suggestions may be...

          1) Kieth Haring

          2) Andy Warhol

          3) Roy Lichtenstein 

          4) Jim Dine

          5) Crash (John Matos) 

          6) Chuck Close

          7) Georgia O'Keefe

          8) Pablo Picasso

          9) David Hockney

          10)  Mark Rothko


          *Remember: these are just a few beginning suggestions.  The sky is    the limit on this one so suggest other artists to Mr. E (you may find he is very accomodating to students with a vision) 


          *Remember: All formats of this assignment should include...

               -Biographical information about the author

               -Representation of the artists visual works (and discussion)

               -Some background on the genre (style) in which the artists works.

               -A way to hook the audience and maintain interest. 



Posters with a purpose -research, various materials

-Posters are part of popular culture.  They are used for many purposes from advertising products and events to delivering public messages and appealing to the judgements of the general public. 

Assignment #9 - Create a poster with 1 of 2 purposes in mind...


a) Create a poster with a message - choose a message you want to send and create a poster that will hook the audience and spread awareness of that message.

-click the links below for more info...



-click the link below for  iExpress poster info.



b) A poster for an event or a band.  The point of this is to maintain all pertinent information to the event or act whilst still maintaining the engagement of the audience to hook them (catch them) into observing the poster. 


T-shirt stencil design -Check out the link for materials and ideas

Assignment #10 - Students are to create a stencil design for a potential t-shirt design.  Students will use this stencil to make prints of their art (some student may wish to actually create a t-shirt for themselves).


-Click the links below for some information above that given in class





Reductive sculpture stamp -styrofoam, tools, ink

Assignment #11 - Students are to take a styrofoam piece and create a reductive sculpture.  To do this they sketch an initial shape or picture on the styrofoam and then "reduce" the piece.  By removing all the unneccessary parts from the piece the students are left with a stamp or woodcut.  This is then used to roll or paint upon and then used as a stamp.


Click the link below for some more info


Soapstone Carving  -soapstone, carving tools  Assignment #12 - We had a guest teach our art students the basics of carving soapstone.  Students are encouraged to engage further in this concept to include a larger soapstone carving.  Soapstone is provided by Mr. Ewert.   
Plaster/wire sculpture -galvanized steel wire, hot glue, plaster of paris, cardboard. Assignment #13 - Students are to create "action without movement".  To do this students create a wire structure of a human form involved in an action stance.  The goal is to create the illusion of movement in a still sculpture.  Once students feel their sculpture has adequate balance, proportion, and position, they complete the sculpture by covering the wire frame with plaster.   
Blind Contour (in class) -paper, blind contour objects -Assignment #14 - Students have engaged in some blind contour activities during various classes.  Students are to submit at least two in-class examples of blind contour.   
Drapery -lamp, something to drape, charcoal, pencil, paper - Assignment #15 - Students are asked to engage in sketching drapery to experiment the use of value to create form.  Students are required to complete 2 quality pieces.  


Need some more ideas for alternative assignments? (...then look below)


The Sky is the Limit -Whatever is necessary to create your vision

-Many students have enjoyed their ability to create their own projects.  I highly encourage students to continue to propose their own projects.  Please ask Mr. E for help with supplies or anything that you require to create you artistic vision.

-Are you having trouble coming up with more ideas? 

*Ask Mr. E what other art supplies are available

*Or...check out this link below for almost 1000 different art ideas.



-or you could look at the wiki from last term's art class.  You could try out any one of those assignments and include it in your personal portfolio.

-click the link below for the old art wiki

Visual Arts Term I


Click here to view your 30 Boxes calendar


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